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                      [矩阵实验室].Mathworks.Matlab.R2014a(8.3).iso 7.3GB
                      软件下载http://www.centurioncom.com: 矩阵实验室
                      英文名: Mathworks.Matlab.R2014a
                      别名: Matlab
                      资源格式: 光盘镜像
                      版本: R2014a(8.3)
                      发行时间: 2014年4月1日
                      地区:  美国
                      语言:  英文

                      IPB Image
                      MATLAB Product Family

                      - MATLAB: Data types for mixed-type tabular data, and ordered and unordered categorical data
                      - MATLAB Compiler: Revamped MATLAB Compiler app and automatic download at install time of version-compatible MATLAB Compiler Runtime
                      - Statistics Toolbox: Linear mixed-effects regression models
                      - Database Toolbox: Fast access to ODBC connections via a native ODBC driver
                      - Instrument Control Toolbox: Communication with integrated circuits using SPI protocol
                      - Financial Toolbox: Mean-Absolute Deviation (MAD) portfolio optimization
                      - Trading Toolbox: Support for CQG Integrated Client API and Interactive Brokers TWS API
                      - Image Processing Toolbox: GPU acceleration, working with PCT, for 22 additional functions, including bwmorph, edge, imresize, and medfilt2
                      - Mapping Toolbox: Web map display with dynamic base maps from OpenStreetMap and other sources

                      Simulink Product Family
                      - Simulink Editor: Enhancements including transparent subsystem preview, line crossings and "comment through" blocks
                      - Simulink System block: New block for incorporating MATLAB System objects in Simulink models
                      - Simulink hardware connectivity: Arduino enhancements including support for Mac OS X, Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino Nano hardware
                      - Simulink models: Native modeling of single-precision designs
                      - Simscape: Block libraries for modeling thermal liquid systems
                      - SimPowerSystems: Block libraries based on Third Generation technology, fully utilizing Simscape capabilities
                      - Simulink Verification and Validation: Requirements linking and traceability for MATLAB code

                      Polyspace Product Family

                      - Polyspace Code Prover: A new product for proving the absence of run-time errors in software
                      - Polyspace Bug Finder: A new product for identifying software defects via static analysis

                      System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

                      - Phased Array System Toolbox: C/C++ code generation support with MATLAB Coder
                      - Computer Vision System Toolbox: Camera calibration functions and app

                      Code Generation and Implementation

                      - HDL Coder and Embedded Coder: Integrated C and HDL code generation and workflow support for Xilinx Zynq and Zedboard
                      - Simulink Coder: Creation of multi-level password protected Simulink models
                      - HDL Coder: Support for user authored MATLAB system objects and incremental code generation for Model Reference blocks
                      - MATLAB Coder: Support for 64-bit integers, software-in-the-loop (SIL) verification with Embedded Coder, and probability distributions in Statistics Toolbox
                      - Fixed-Point Designer: Long long integer data type for efficient simulation and generated code for 64-bit processors
                      - Simulink Code Inspector: Support for Stateflow objects and classic action language
                      New Features By Release

                      R2014a (Version 8.3) - Released 6 Mar 2014


                      Pop-up Command History for recalling, viewing, filtering, and searching recently used commands in the Command Window
                      Merge option in MATLAB Comparison Tool for resolving differences between text files
                      Saving workspace variables and their values to a MATLAB script
                      Language and Programming

                      Suggested corrections for mistyped, user-defined functions in the Command Window
                      Streamlined MEX compiler setup and improved troubleshooting
                      Multidimensional array support for flipud, fliplr, and rot90 functions
                      Option for circshift to operate on a specified dimension

                      isdiag, isbanded, issymmetric, ishermitian, istril, istriu, and bandwidth functions for testing matrix structure
                      sylvester function for solving the Sylvester equation
                      Option for eig function for computing left eigenvectors
                      Option for rand, randi, and randn functions for creating arrays of random numbers that match data type of an existing variable
                      Data Import and Export

                      Webcam support for previewing and acquiring live images and video
                      Raspberry Pi hardware support for controlling devices such as motors and actuators, and for capturing live data from sensors and cameras directly from MATLAB

                      conv2 function performance improvements with three inputs
                      filter function performance improvements for FIR and IIR
                      See the Release Notes for details.

                      测试系统:Windows 8 企业版64位简体中文版,Windows7旗舰版简体中文版nwindows XP SP3
                      检测软件:ESET smart security 7.0


                      系统需求:Windows XP/VISTA/7/8

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                      已更新mac及UNIX 破解及程序,pm
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